Is an Italian designer, born in Italy in September 1969.

Graduated in fashion and graphic design in Italy in 1992.

​Inspired and passionate about industrial and avant-garde design, metropolitan subcultures, music, and alternative art.

​Fabio Panzeri works in the luxury fashion industry since 1992, collaborating with several successful brands designing some of the most iconic pieces in their history, developing his great passion for everything is man's accessories design, but also a sophisticated sensibility for woman's shoe and accessories design.

​He approached each collection with his own personal style, and collection after collection he learned about the design of accessories in every detail, and thanks to this long experiences with so many different brands he can give his interpretation to any project, keeping the DNA intact of each brand but transforming it with a contemporary and alternative style.

He began his career working for Jean-Paul Gaultier, and later for the Maison Mila Schon. ( 1993 - 1997 )

But the fundamental experiences were designing the accessories collection for

HELMUT LANG, a decisive experience that helps him to fully open his mind and find his personal style. , together with the collaboration with PRADA, an absolute school where he learned the value of craftsmanship, technology, and absolute modernism. 

( 1997 - 2002 )


The curiosity to try new experiences led him to a collaboration with ETRO. (2001 - 2002 )


DOLCE & GABBANA has been a great experience where he stayed for more than 7 years as Design Director for the men's accessories collection where the famous Sneakers Italia stand out, and the collections of bags that have characterized a long era

( 2002 - 2009 )


Subsequently, he signs for another long-term collaboration for CALVIN KLEIN CK and

Calvin Klein Jeans as Head of design for all the man and woman leather goods and accessories collection. ( 2007 - 2014 )

In 2007 Fabio Panzeri decided to move to live in Switzerland and open his own design and consultant office, the WZI-DESIGN sagl.

Fabio Panzeri with his own design studio collaborating as a DESIGNER AND CREATIVE CONSULTANT on special projects with numerous exclusive brands, as usual, different one to each other but all with a great personality.


REVOLVER REQUEEN venexia exclusive footwear collection.



PIRELLI P-ZERO Man experimental collection,

TRUSSARDI Shoe collection and Fashion show shoe concept,

CHIARA FERRAGNI for the start-up footwear capsule collection,

REPLAY Creative consultant for the accessories division,

JOOP! Creative consultant for Accessories capsule collection,

LE CROWN X (+2 )Project Duality Creative consultant avant-garde accessories capsule collection.

At the same time as his commitment to WZI-DESIGN, in 2017, thanks to his deep understanding of the Asian market dynamic he becomes the CREATIVE and DESIGN DIRECTOR of the historic German brand based in Singapore BRAUN BUFFEL-Germany 1887 for the ASIA PACIFIC area.

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