Fabio embarks on an infinite creative journey, fueled by an insatiable curiosity to challenge himself. He explores alternative projects beyond the confines of fashion, elevating design into a universal art form. These endeavours showcase his boldness in surpassing conventional limits. Alongside enhancing his technical skills, design has become Fabio’s versatile mode of expression, spanning diverse sectors. His boundless vision permeates every project, defining his approach to creativity.


Behind this acronym NEW-HUMAN-CODE, Fabio Panzeri revives the B-movie aesthetic of the 1970s mixed with his visionary human distortion to offer a collection of compelling graphic commentary on modern confusion. 

From bold and provocative graphics to limited edition runs of printed T-shirts and hoodies.

"THE NHUMANCODE" is An artistic work that stimulates introspection into today's social complexities, inviting viewers to delve into the enigmas of the digital age by travelling among lithographs in unique pieces of large dimensions shaped and distorted by hand destined to disturb and invade spaces.

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