“I’ve often described myself as a paradoxical blend of rebellion and refinement, infusing my approach with dynamic tension. As an alchemist, design isn’t just a profession—it’s my domain, a limitless realm where I thrive on challenging norms and exploring new frontiers. I see classicism not as something outdated, but as a guiding principle that infuses each project with enduring quality in a world dominated by mass production. I tackle challenges with unwavering confidence, constantly refining my vision. I believe in pushing past technical barriers to unleash limitless creative expression. I like to step back and envision possibilities beyond the conventional.” – Fabio Panzeri for Men’sFolio interview.


A creative force dedicated to pioneering aesthetic innovations that shape distinctive brand narratives. Extensive expertise in guiding brand evolution and infusing timeless visual identities through an innovative, holistic approach. Proven ability to deliver transformative results across diverse sectors through an eclectic, multidisciplinary perspective.

HIS CAREER Fabio Panzeri: Redefining Luxury Through Avant-Garde Vision

Fabio Panzeri stands at the forefront of luxury fashion, a visionary creative director whose career is marked by bold innovation and strategic brand transformation. With a unique blend of avant-garde sensibility and commercial acumen, Fabio has consistently pushed the boundaries of design across multiple disciplines.

At **Braun Büffel**, based in Singapore, Fabio spearheaded a comprehensive brand revitalization that catapulted the company into the modern luxury space. His innovative approach seamlessly integrated digital experiences with traditional craftsmanship, resulting in significant Asiapacific market growth and a reimagined brand identity.

Fabio’s avant-garde spirit shone brightly in his creation of **Revolver Requeen**, a brand that challenged gender norms in luxury footwear. This project not only showcased his ability to translate bold concepts into commercial success but also positioned him as a thought leader in inclusive design.

His tenure at **Calvin Klein** saw him elevate the men’s leather goods and CK Jeans accessories lines through a perfect balance of minimalist aesthetics and sustainable innovation. This experience enhanced Fabio’s expertise in marrying brand heritage with contemporary trends.

At **Dolce & Gabbana**, Fabio’s creative direction for men’s accessories led to iconic collections that significantly boosted the brand’s prestige. His introduction of the luxury athleisure concept, epitomized by the “ITALIA” sneakers, demonstrated his knack for anticipating and setting market trends.

Fabio’s multidisciplinary talents extend beyond fashion. His award-winning experimental accessories project for **Pirelli’s P-Zero** and his conceptualization of influencer **Chiara Ferragni’s** shoe brand showcase his versatility and understanding of the intersection between fashion, technology, and digital culture.

Earlier in his career, Fabio honed his avant-garde sensibilities at **Prada** and **Helmut Lang**, where he pioneered the integration of industrial design concepts into high-end fashion. These experiences laid the foundation for his unique approach to luxury goods design.

Fabio’s journey began with collaborations that set the stage for his innovative career. From creating intricate fabrics for **Mila Schön** to designing avant-garde bijoux for **Jean Paul Gaultier**, these early projects hinted at the boundary-pushing creative director he would become.

Throughout his career, Fabio has demonstrated an exceptional ability to lead diverse, international teams, integrating cutting-edge technologies and sustainable practices. His forward-thinking leadership style, combined with his multidisciplinary background, positions him as a true visionary in the luxury fashion industry.

Fabio Panzeri continues to shape the future of luxury, balancing artisanal craftsmanship with technological innovation to create immersive brand experiences that resonate with the modern consumer. His career is a testament to the power of avant-garde thinking in driving brand transformation and setting new standards in the world of luxury fashion.

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