multidisciplinary CREATIVITY

Driven by an insatiable curiosity, Fabio embarks on an infinite creative odyssey that transcends fashion, transforming design into a universal art form. These diverse explorations nourish his boundless imagination while shattering predefined boundaries. Design becomes a boundless expression embracing myriad sectors, each project a canvas for his endless vision. Fabio’s creativity defies conventions, constantly evolving and redefining the essence of design itself. His journey celebrates the human spirit’s power to dream beyond the ordinary, inspiring others to push their own creative frontiers.


Handcrafted unique home decor, scented wax  sculptured  candles ,  concrete vases , brass candelabras, and metal mesh enclosures, paired with bespoke scents, epitomize luxury craftsmanship, evoking unparalleled sensory sophistication.



Bus stops become an interactive experience with a fully illuminated spot in the city, turning the waiting moment into an immersive experience. Passengers, captivated by the touch screen and lights, might forget to board the bus as the advertising campaign images and videos change directly on the mapped building facade. This ambitious project aims to make public mobility stops comfortable, bright, and self-powered.


Among the first to actively use QR Codes and NFC, Fabio Panzeri pioneered creating interactive communications. By integrating these technologies, he enabled seamless interactions and enhanced engagement between brands and their audiences. In 2020, during the height of the pandemic, Fabio Panzeri, as the visionary and creative director, worked in collaboration with L’Officiel Singapore and MensFolio Singapore to create spaces within the renovated stores designed in partnership with Kingsman Architect Singapore.


“Fabio Panzeri’s Artistic Presentation: A Surprising Trace in the Modern Landscape” The reputation of the designer as a perfect synthesis of opposites emerges in Panzeri’s works. The intrinsic message evoked by the combination of materials stands out as an introspective analysis of the modern era, with a decidedly gothic vision expanding through the meshes of the nets”      DAMAN MAGAZINE

Graphics from comics for Luxury wine

Hand-drawn Artistry for 300 Numbered Italian Best-in-Class Red Wine Bottles. Passion for comic design from cultural roots fuels boundless storytelling, unrestricted by time or artistic lenses.

Fabio Panzeri with NPLUSC Studio Singapore

In the wake of the pandemic, this groundbreaking virtual showroom storytelling experience reinterprets the relationship between nature and humanity. Immersed in a meticulously crafted digital realm, you’ll explore a serene oasis where the beauty of nature intertwines with human ingenuity. Through cutting-edge technology and interactive storytelling, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of our symbiotic coexistence with the environment.This powerful experience aims to inspire appreciation for the delicate balance of sustaining life and ignite dialogue about sustainable living. In a world prioritizing speed, it offers a respite to reconnect with the essence of our existence, celebrating a harmonious future for nature and humanity.

Fabio Panzeri with NPLUSC Studio Singapore

A digital advertising campaign blending natural elements with a new product collection.An immersive virtual experience transporting viewers to a serene realm fusing nature and design.Cutting-edge technology showcasing the coexistence of lush landscapes and innovative craftsmanship. Interactive storytelling unveils the inspiration behind each piece, engaging multiple senses. Inspiring appreciation for nature while unveiling the artistry of the new collection.

Fabio Panzeri Creative Direction Fashion Show debut in Shangai China

A meticulously orchestrated fashion showcase, redefining the brand’s relevance and positioning in the region.Curated with precision, the show transcended mere garments, weaving a compelling narrative of artisanal craftsmanship. Seamlessly bridging East and West, tradition and modernity, each ensemble celebrated cultural heritage with contemporary flair. Through a captivating display of sartorial excellence, Braun Büffel’s RTW licenses took the spotlight. Unveiling the brand’s unwavering commitment to quality, innovation, and timeless elegance for the discerning Chinese consumer. This landmark event solidified Braun Büffel’s status as a global fashion authority, poised for unprecedented growth in Greater China.

Fabio Panzeri with Art collective Phunk Studio x Braun Büffel Singapore.

A visionary collaboration with the collective Phunk Studio resulted in the creation of an exclusive capsule collection of branded accessories. By partnering with Phunk Studio, renowned for their innovative and cutting-edge artistic approach, Panzeri sought to push the boundaries of conventional design. Together, they curated a collection that seamlessly blended Panzeri’s expertise in luxury accessory design with Phunk Studio’s unique artistic style. This collaboration not only elevated the brand’s identity but also captured the essence of contemporary art and design, setting a new standard for branded accessories in the fashion industry

Multiverse project x Culture Cartel Singapore

Innovation-driven, Fabio Panzeri pioneered an immersive online shopping experience within a video game landscape at the onset of the pandemic. By seamlessly blending virtual and real-world retail, he transcended traditional boundaries, leaving a lasting impact on the digital landscape.

Fabio Panzeri with Clog Two Art collaboration

Fabio Panzeri’s collaborations with street art, skate culture, and custom areas, including a notable partnership with Singaporean artist Clogtwo, revolutionized Braun Büffel’s aesthetic. Their joint limited edition project during the Culture Cartel event fused diverse artistic influences, redefining the brand’s visual identity.


The presentation featured a thoughtful arrangement of models showcasing the latest designs, likely inspired by Nicola Trussardi’s visionary lifestyle and the brand’s heritage. The setting within the Pinacoteca di Brera provided an elegant backdrop, blending fashion with fine art in a way that echoed Trussardi’s commitment to cultural engagement.A soft soundtrack played throughout the space, enhancing the ambiance and creating a sense of intimacy. This subtle audio element was complemented by voices that surrounded the attendees, perhaps narrating aspects of Trussardi’s legacy or providing context for the collection. The use of ambient sound helped to create a multisensory experience, engaging visitors beyond just the visual aspect of the fashion presentation.This approach to presenting the collection aligns with Trussardi’s history of innovative and artistic presentations. The brand has been known for its unique installations and exhibitions, often blurring the lines between fashion and art. For instance, the Nicola Trussardi Foundation has a history of producing public artworks and temporary exhibitions in symbolic spaces throughout Milan, inviting leading artists to reinvent the city’s landmarks.By combining visual and auditory elements in this sophisticated setting, the presentation likely aimed to evoke the spirit of Nicola Trussardi’s intimate visionary lifestyle while showcasing the contemporary direction of the men’s collection. This immersive approach would have allowed attendees to not just view the clothing, but to experience the essence of the Trussardi brand in a more holistic manner.

Eyewear (+2)Project Duality

An authentic expression of cutting-edge design, each pair is a unique work of art, produced in a limited edition of seven distinct models. Utilizing high-quality materials such as acetate and titanium, these glasses embody the craftsmanship excellence of Cadore. Every detail has been meticulously crafted by skilled artisans, creating pieces that are more than just accessories: they are symbols of style and sophistication

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